EB5 Investors Magazine Chinese Edition, Volume 3, Issue 2 | Page 8

可行性分析|资产估值|尽职调查|项目评估|EB5直投 机 会 EB-5 机会 加州比弗利山庄 正在建造中 | 2016年5月 BEVERLY HILLS 比佛利山华尔道夫酒店 | 比佛利山希尔顿酒店扩建项目 AD-California Real Estate 所需就业已经创造 | 全球最有名的酒店之一的扩建 | 超值的货款担保 | 4000万美金年净营业收入 | 绿卡安全 | 最低投资金额50万美金 2017年年初开始营业 机会就在前方! 您可以完全信赖我们。EES会对EB5项目进行 全面深入地调查,评估项目的优势和风险; 也可以为投资人提供定制化的EB5直投项目。 www.eb5socal.com info@eb5socal.com | P: +1 (310) 474 7890 | 10474 Santa Monica Blvd. Suite 301, Los Angeles, CA 90025 6 eb5投资者杂志 Info@eliteeb5.com 美国:+16614309068 中国:4007560110 www.eliteeb5.com This communication shall not constitute an offer to sell or the solicitation of an offer to buy securities nor shall there be any sale of these securities in any jurisdiction in which such solicitation or sale would be unlawful prior eb5inves tors .cn to registration or qualification of these securities under the laws of any such jurisdiction. Waldorf Astoria is a registered trademark of Hilton Worldwide. References to Waldorf Astoria or its service mark do7 not constitute the express or implied endorsement by Hilton Worldwide of this offering/the project or the subject matter hereof. Any views, opinions or information contained herein are those of the author and expressly not Hilton Worldwide or its affiliates.