EB5 Investors Magazine (English Edition) Volume 5, Issue 1 | Page 109

Further south, more than 400 people apply to get permanent residency through the Investor or Investor Plus visa categories in New Zealand each year, government statistics show. Under the Investor Visa program, an investor must have three years of business experience, not be older than 65, spend at least 438 days in the country over four years, and invest at least $1.5 million over four years. Under the Investor Plus category, investors are asked to spend at least 88 days in the country over three years and invest $8 million for three years. Australia, which granted more than 300 investment visas last year, doesn’t grant the permanent residence on the very first stage of investment, but uses a step-by-step visa principle regardless of the amount of investment, according to government report. The provisional 4-year investor and business visa works as the first step of investment migration to Australia. During this period, an investor needs to show an outstanding success of their investment in order to obtain a permanent investor visa. More than 90 percent of applicants are Chinese in the program that has attracted more than $7.8 billion in complying investments into Australia. "In search for freedom and quality of life, many of the world’s wealthy investors are looking into citizenship- by-investment programs..." EB5INVESTORS.COM 108