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Publisher Ali Jahangiri
Editor-in-Chief Marie Ekberg Padilla
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Joseph Barnett Edward Beshara Ashmin Chowdhury Melissa Davis Joana Fernandes Ronald Fieldstone Marko Issever Rohit Kapuria Nima Korpivaara Phuong Le Thomas Martin Jennifer Moseley Niral Patel Natalia Polukhtin Reid Thomas Bernard Wolfsdorf Vivian Zhu
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Publisher ’ s Note

Celebrating the EB-5 industry ’ s powerful Top 25 winners

The EB-5 community has once again come together to vote for their fellow peers in the annual Top 25 awards ’ edition . With the results in , we are proud to celebrate the leaders of the top EB-5 professionals and recognize the best in the industry . We are excited to announce the winners of the annual Top 25 awards in seven categories . Congratulations to this group of visionaries who drive the industry forward !

We are also excited about the impact of the Reform and Integrity Act , which has ignited the EB-5 industry and created a more transparent environment for everyone involved . The industry has seen a surge of investments , new projects and stronger players , which has created a flourishing market .
This special magazine edition also includes a range of articles from EB-5 key players about due diligence , EB-5 in the capital stack , RIA changes , source of funds issues and mandamus petitions .
We invite you to join us for our upcoming events around the world . Next up in November we are gathering in Shenzhen , China , followed by an event in Newport Beach , California in January and then Vietnam in April before coming back to Dubai in the fall .
We are looking forward to seeing you all and to celebrate the distinguished Top 25 winners in person in Newport Beach on Jan . 15-16 , 2024 !
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