EB5 Investors Magazine Volume 1 Issue 1 | Page 29

Crescen� Challenges and best practices when dealing with the Middle East by Reza Rahbaran Lured by the hallmarks of freedom and opportunity, immigrant investors have continued to flock to the United States. Despite economic recession and political stagnation, America is still viewed as the safest place to park your money. 2012 produced both unprecedented growth in the number of EB5 investors and new Regional Center petitions. All the signs indicate the program will be over-subscribed in 2013, but at the same time there is increased pressure and competition for foreign investors. “With the spike in newly formed Regional Centers, increased competition is steadily raising the cost of acquisition of investors to undesirable levels.” New EB-5 markets are essential for the longevity and health of the EB-5 Program. Greater diversification of investors allows Regional Centers to hedge against the inherent risks with relying on a single market for their investor pool. China, still by far the largest EB-5 market, is saturated, mature and dominated by ag