EB5 Investors Magazine Volume 2 Issue 1 | Page 35

Developing a philosophy
The American Dream Fund is not represented by the SLS project alone , but the SLS deal is quite representative of their general way of operating within the EB-5 realm . ADF defines its practices as “ social entrepreneurship ”— business that maintains private interests while still contributing to the public good , a concept that mixes well with the similarly win-win situation of the EB-5 program . They dedicate themselves to EB-5 , and unlike other regional centers that only work on a few EB-5 projects mixed in with other development endeavors , Ekins and McCarthy deal only in EB-5 investments . Because EB-5 is their primary business , Ekins and McCarthy have focused their energy on the program and all its moving parts ; they even make sure to educate all of their staff so that everyone in the office knows the basics of EB-5 and can answer questions on the subject . This level of concentration is likely partially responsible for their quick rise to success .
Ekins and McCarthy look at every project that comes across their desk with a critical eye and say that they “ turn down probably 99 out of 100 projects ” because they are not right for the program . In order to select EB-5 appropriate projects , they maintain a philosophy of low risk-tolerance . This patience not only helps them select financially promising development , but also help fulfill the goals of their foreign investors , for whom the EB-5 program has such high stakes .
Human connection ADF acknowledges that a lot of interest in practicing immigration law originates from the desire to help people , and working in
EB-5 is no exception . Most of ADF ’ s clients are primarily interested in providing a better future and a U . S . education for their children while protecting their investment , and Ekins and McCarthy see the EB-5 program as the perfect path . It is the understanding that investors are people with families and stories , and not just as “ an anonymous capital source ,” that drives Ekins and McCarthy to strive to operate responsibly within the program .
Another aspect of human connection , and project success , is ADF ’ s practice of having staff devote time , one-on-one , with their investors in China , if possible . They provide their potential investors with the documentation they need to trust in the project , and are willing to meet and re-meet these foreign nationals to answer questions and address concerns . Ekins and McCarthy want to give them a “ transparent picture of what they ’ re getting ,” and employed this strategy when marketing the SLS project abroad .
ADF ’ s future
Ekins and McCarthy say that the American Dream Fund now has “ trusted brand recognition .” If the SLS hotel project succeeds , and more of its related I-526 petitions and subsequent I-829 petitions are approved , this recognition will only grow . Ekins and McCarthy say that when it comes to EB-5 , “ success of a project is more than critical — it has to happen .” Not only is a huge amount of capital on the line , but also the green cards , and futures , of hundreds of EB-5 immigrants . For anyone involved in EB-5 , keeping an eye on the SLS project is a must .

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