EB5 Investors Magazine Volume 2 Issue 1 | Page 5

Vo l u m e 2 - N u m b e r 1 On the cover In this issue, we map the locations of all active EB-5 Regional Centers and the history of the regional center program. Go to page 70 to see the hotspots of EB-5 and to read a retrospective of the industry. Our comprehensive directory of EB-5 Regional Centers, with verified contact information, begins on page 75. 6 EB-5: What’s All the Fuss About? An honest look at recent controversy surrounding the EB-5 program by Jeff Campion by Christian Triantaphyllis and Catharine Yen 12 India, the Next EB-5 Frontier A call to expand EB-5 marketing beyond China by Rohit Kapuria 16 The Fuel for Your EB-5 Engine: Assumptions in your financial analysis by Soyini Coke 18 From the Desk of an EB-5 Lawyer Winter updates from the third and fourth quarters of 2013 by David Hirson 22 The Tug of War Between the Hill and the Agency A review of the OIG report and the potential impact on the EB-5 regional center program by Laura Foote Reiff 23 Taking Stock of 2013 and Charting the Year Ahead Commenting on the state of EB-5 by Dawn Lurie 26 A Talk with the TEA Guru Elliot Winer shares his insight on navigating TEAs by EB5 Investors Magazine Staff 31 Young Guns, Big Promise The SLS Las Vegas–its process and its principals by Nicole Connolly and Courtney Creedon 34 Hypothetical, Actual or Exemplar? Choosing which regional center project is right for you 38 EB-5 Investors and the Perils of U.S. Estate and Gift Taxes A guide to balancing tax and immigration interests 9 Evolving Escrow Navigating delayed USCIS processing times WINTER 2014 by Mark Ivener and Gary Wolfe 42 Count ‘Em Up Understanding strategies for documenting EB-5 job creation by Matthew T. Galati 46 Real Estate–Still the Darling of EB-5 A look at the ongoing relationship of EB-5 and real estate by Mona Shah and Yi Song 50 The Man Behind CanAm Exclusive interview with Tom Rosenfeld of CanAm Enterprises by EB5 Investors Magazine Staff 56 Three Blind Mice on the Path to Project Success In representing the developer, what comes first: EB-5 compliant project documentation or EB-5 funding? by Edward C. Beshara 60 Avoiding an SEC Visit How to ensure securities compliance by Elizabeth Krukova 64 A Guide to Advertising EB-5 Advertising your offerings legally by Osvaldo F. Torres The Glowing Beacons of EB-5 Regional Centers 70 Mapping the past, present and future of EB-5 Regional Centers by Courtney Creedon and Jinhee Wilde 75 Regional Center Directory Verified contact information for EB-5 Regional Centers by Lauren Cohen w w w. E B 5 I n v e s to r s . c o m 3